Member:Eun Bin Park (KR)

박은빈 석사연구원 (2015년 1월)

Short Biography

I am a graduate student researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Computed Diagnosis Lab(AICD) at the Keimyung University, Daegu, South Korea. And currently I am working at the Keimyung University, Daegu, South Korea.



Journal Articles

  • Eun-Bin Park and Jong-ha Lee, " A Computer-aided, Automatic Heart Disease-detection System with Dry-electrode-based Outdoor Shirts”, IEIE Transactions on Smart Processing and Computing , Vol.8 No.1, 2019.2, 8-13 (6 pages), 2019
  • Eun-Bin Park, Jin-Chul Heo and Jong-ha Lee, “Novel smart clothing with dry electrode biosensor for real-time automatic diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases”, Bio-Medical Materials & Engineering , 29 Issue 5, p587-599, 13p, 2018

International Conferences

  • Eun-Bin Park, and Jong-ha Lee, “Development of a Skin Patch Biophotonic Sensor Using Impedance Elasticity for Simultaneous Diagnosis and Treatment of pressure ulcers”, 2019 2nd IERI International Conference on Medical Physics,Medical Engineering and Informatics (ICMMI 2019), FEB. 2019
  • Eun-Bin Park, and Jong-ha Lee,” Novel Smart Clothing with Dry Electrode Biosensor for Real-Time Automatic Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases”, American Association of Physicists in Medicine Annual Meeting & Exhivition (AAPM2018), AUG. 2018
  • Su Yang,Eun-Bin Park, Hyuck-Jun Yoon and Jong-ha Lee, “ The Novel Computer aided Detection and Diagnosis Algorithms for Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography images” , The 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’18) , JUL. 2018
  • Eun-Bin Park, and Jong-ha Lee,” The Automated Heart Disease Detection System with Dry-Electrode Based Outdoor Shirts”, IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics - Asia (ICCE-Asia), JUN. 2018
  • Chan-Il Kim, Eun-Bin Park, Yoon-Nyun Kim, and Jong-ha Lee, ”Development of Patch-less Biosignal Measurement System in Driving Environment”, Biomedical and Health Infomatics & The Body Sensor Networks Conferences , MAR. 2018

Domestic Conferences

  • 박은빈, 이종하, "심혈관 질환의 실시간 자동진단을 위한 건식 전극 바이오센서가 있는 스마트의류", 2018년도 제 53회 대한의용생체공학회 춘계학술대회 , 2018년 5월
  • 박은빈, 이종하, "심혈관 질환의 실시간 자동진단을 위한 건식 전극 바이오센서가 있는 스마트의류" , 2018년도 한국재활복지공학회, 2018년 11월
  • 박은빈, 이종하, “유방암 초음파 영상과 머신러닝 기법을 이용한 컴퓨터 보조 진단 알고리즘 설계”, 2017년도 한국보안윤리학회, 2017년11월

Academic and Professional Experiences

Honors and Awards



  • 2018년도 한국보안윤리학회 공모전 창업 아이디어 장려상 수상, 한국보안윤리학회, 2018년 11월
  • 2017년도 한국보안윤리학회 공모전 논문 장려상 수상, 한국보안윤리학회, 2017년 11월








Contact Information

  • Postal (Visiting) Address: Department of Biomedical Engineering, M216, College of Medicine ,Keimyung University, South Korea
  • 주소: 대구광역시 달서구 신당동 계명대학교 의과대학 M216
  • Phone: (+82) 53 - 580 - 3730
  • Fax: (+82) 53 - 580 - 3730
  • Email: